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Welcome To Davidson Analytical Services

DAS is an independent chromatography instrument service support company and equipment supplier based in the United Kingdom.

What We Do

Our Customers Come First

We always provide an excellent, personal level of service and commitment to our customers. We want to ensure the services and equipment we provide always meet your expectations to help you succeed in your research and business activities.

GC, GC-MS and HPLC Servicing

We provide technical support services for GC and HPLC and related equipment from most manufacturers. Including: annual service support contracts, Preventative Maintenance, Instrument Qualification (IQ,OQ,PV), equipment installation, relocation, reconfiguration, user and maintenance training.

Chromatography Equipment

We represent several European and USA manufacturers of specialist chromatography related equipment in the UK. Including OI Analytical GC detectors and Purge & Trap, LECO GC-TOF Mass Spectrometers, F-DGSi gas generators, Pyrola AB GC pyrolysers and Data Apex Clarity Chromatography Data System.

See our product pages for an overview of our GC and HPLC equipment and software. Please feel free to get in touch for more details.